Surprising Facts About Rock


This guide will actually contain sounds very interesting and surprising facts about rock music and rock bands. It will also contain some more interesting facts about the artists in the bands. Rock music will always be one of the favourite genres of the world. Rock music has provided so many amazing memories to billions of people all across the planet. I think it’s time you got to know a little bit about the genre that you love so much. Let us dive into the facts now, shall we?

  • Led Zepplin was actually accused of defining a person who happened to be a group, with the help of a mud shark. That is quite disgusting, isn’t it?
  • John Bonham had consumed 40 shots of vodka, the same night that he passed away.
  • Keith Moon, a person who was a drummer from The Who was actually the one who gave Led Zepplin their name.
  • Every single member of Nirvana was actually kicked out of the Nevermind release party, for starting a huge food fight.
  • Jimi what is very famous for creating the song “Little Wing” in just 145 seconds. I have no idea how he pulled that off. It is extraordinarily impressive.
  • Did you know that Sir Elton John’s real name happens to be Reginald Kenneth Dwight?
  • “Only The Good Die Young” was a song by Billy Joel and it is about a man who was attempting to convince a Catholic woman to lose her virginity to him. What a player, isn’t he?
  • Did you know that Queen has had the longest-running fan club, according to the Guinness book of world records?
  • Paul McCartney barely took any money for his performance at the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony. He charged only 1 pound as a formality. It translates to $1.57.

Robert Allen Zimmerman

  • Robert Allen Zimmerman renamed himself as Bob Dylan. Before that, he went by the name Elston Gunn.
  • The AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young actually worked in a bra factory as a sewing machine mechanic for a really long time.
  • Rolling Stones actually recorded 19th nervous breakdown, after Mick Jagger announced how exhausted he was after touring. He said he was about to have his nervous breakdown.
  • White Album was originally titled A Doll’s House, by the Beatles.
  • This is an interesting one. Elvis Presley actually recorded more than 600 songs, but he never even wrote a single one of them. All of them were written by people he knew, or his writers, who had hired. He still is one of the best artists of all time.
  • “Like A Rolling Stone” initially had six pages and it was in its first draft.

These were a couple of interesting facts about rock music and rock bands; I hope you enjoyed them.