Some Facts About Rock That Will Surprise You


After reading this guide, I am sure that you will never look at your favourite rock band the same, ever again. In this guide, I will list out some amazing facts about rock and roll bands that will surprise you, and some of them believe in blow your mind. Well, rock music is definitely one of my favourite genres of music. Rock music provided some of the best memories in the past two decades. Especially now, in the coronavirus pandemic, we are depending on music more than ever. We depend on music, to fill the emptiness, that is being made to stay inside, without any human interaction. Since the virus spreads really easily, it is safe for you to stay inside, without any exposure to other human beings. This can end up making you feel alone, especially if you do not have a pet to keep you company. If you have a roommate or if you live with your family, it could be a little easier. A lot of people who live alone in this pandemic, are making use of music, to feel the loneliness and the void.

Rock music is certainly one of the most amazing choices, ever.

Let us get started with these facts now, shall we?

  • Did you know that Axl Rose is actually an anagram for oral sex and his real name happens to be William Bailey? Yes, the very first one blew my mind as well.
  • Rose used to make only eight dollars an hour, by smoking cigarettes for a science experiment in UCLA.
  • Bono actually got his nickname from a hearing aid store.
  • John Lennon was famously featured as the cover story on the very first issue of Rolling Stone, but the Beatles hold the record for the most covers. They had 30 covers. Jimmy page actually dated a 14-year-old girl, when he was touring with Led Zepplin.
  • Here is an interesting one. The tongue logo design of rolling Stone was actually inspired by the Indian Hindu course, Kali the destroyer.

Good morning America

  • London calling was actually named after a phrase which was used in the BBC show, during World War II. It was called “Good morning America, this is London calling”.
  • “Wild Thing” the song was actually written by a man called Chip Taylor, who also happens to be Angelina Jolie’s uncle.
  • The co-founder of Rolling Stones, Brian Jones, was amazingly proficient at over 60 different musical instruments.
  • The song “Layla” was actually written by Eric Clapton, for George Harrison’s wife.
  • The Doors what actually the first-ever band to advertise a fresh new album on a huge billboard.

These were a couple of interesting facts about rock and things related to rock.